Sublimation On Aluminum: Everything A Beginner Needs To Know

Since you are new here, let us give you some ideas on Dye sublimation on aluminum. It has become one of the most popular creative techniques. Many amateurs are turning to this style of painting as a way to augment their income.

Of course, when most people think of ornaments, license plates, keychains, t-shirt, and coffee mug designs, they think of sublimation.

Due to their appealing appearance and durability, sublimation on aluminum designs has begun to gain popularity. The majority of individuals use sublimation printing to print on garments and coffee cups.

They don’t think of using aluminum as a canvas, which is seeing a surge in sales because of the designs’ uniqueness and high demand. Ever heard of dye sublimation on aluminum?

Feeling confused? You are going to find out what you’ll need for dye-sublimation printing on aluminum sheets, whether you should convert it into a business, and what materials to employ.

It’s required to follow a procedure to get from start to finish, albeit the procedure will fluctuate significantly for each individual. But have no fear; this article will answer all of your questions.

What is dye sublimation on aluminum?

PRINTING ON ALUMINIUM SHEETS- Sublimation onto aluminum (sometimes referred to as metal print) is a heat-transfer technique that involves infusing colors into a pre-treated sheet of aluminum.

Sublimation is the process of converting a solid to a gas and back without going through the liquid stage. Once the colors have sunk under the surface, the process is complete and permanent.

Because the ink will turn to gas as a result of the heat, it will dig beneath the surface of the material. As a result, it’s extremely long-lasting. It’s also what imparts 3D effects to metal sublimation prints. It’s a one-of-a-kind method that could result in some of the most visually attractive designs ever created.

What are different types of items that can be made from sublimation on aluminum?

Wondering what to print on? There are countless ways to use sublimation on aluminum and make your item glimmer like a diamond. The different types of items that can be made from sublimation on aluminum are:

  • Landscape and Seascape photos
  • High-quality glossy Portrait photos
  • Aluminum Bookmark
  • Aluminum water bottle
  • Mirror Gold Aluminium Coated
  • Mirror Silver Aluminium Coated
  • Keyrings
  • Aluminum Boxes

Materials/Things needed for the sublimation of Aluminum:

You should know the materials needed for the sublimation on aluminum, that are:

  • Heat Press: Printing necessitates the use of a heat press, as it is the next step in the sublimation process after printing. So obviously it is required.
  • Sublimation Printer : Sublimation ink printer is the most crucial requirement here. This technology can be used in both the home and the workplace. The cost of these printers has reduced considerably as demand for printed items has increased. Let us name you some popular sublimation printer brands -Mimaki, Mutoh, and Durst.
  • Sublimation Paper: Any color in the spectrum may be generated and transferred to appropriate sublimation printing paper. Sublimation or transfer paper is the name for this sort of paper. Any design requested for use on the paper, such as a personal piece of art, a customized logo, a family portrait, or any other design, may be printed, just like office paper.
  • Computer & RIP Software :The abbreviation RIP stands for “Raster Image Processor”. This function is not available on all printers, but it may be purchased separately. It’s critical to emphasize the importance of software compatibility with the printer. So think about compatibility.
  • Cutting Mechanism :Sublimation also necessitates the use of cutting tools such as a knife or a rotary blade. Hemming the cloth would also need the use of a sewing machine. This is especially important when dealing with SEG (Silicon Edge Graphic) frames.
  • Heat Resistant Gloves: Since you are working with heated metal in sublimation, it risks you with danger of severe burns, therefore wear heat-resistant gloves. In the event of an accident, these will keep you safe. First and foremost, there is the issue of safety.
  • Aluminum Sheets: High-quality aluminum Sheets for sublimation.

How to do Sublimation print on Aluminum at home?

Any product you pick will follow the same process. Guess what? You can do this on your own, amazing right? So the process for sublimation on aluminum at home are :

  1. Designing and printing your job or image is the initial step.
    Set up your assignment in Epson Edge, then add it to your job list by navigating to the file.
  2. Select your image and click the open button (allow time for your file to be added)By clicking on the image, you may select it.
  3. From the media size drop-down option, choose your sizing.
  4. Choose the media name drop-down option, choose your thickness.
  5. From the Print quality drop-down menu, choose your desired print quality.
  6. From the input resolution drop-down menu, choose a resolution.
  7. By clicking on the layout, you can change its width and height.
  8. Make sure the mirror image option is selected before ripping and printing. The printer is currently printing the image. When it’s finished, it’ll cut it, and you’ll place the metal on top and heat it.
    Time to prep your metal:
  9. Peel off the adhesive film that is protecting your metal. Place your item facedown right on top of the image you want to print and secure it with transfer tape on all four sides. Now let’s get to the heat press step.
  10. Heat your press to 400° F for 30 seconds beforehand.
  11. Place your metal sheet on the press with facedown and metal side up.
  12. Cover with a nonstick sheet and wait 30 seconds before pressing down with medium pressure. Lock your heat press.
  13. Remove your nonstick sheet after lifting the heat press and peel off your transfer paper along with your tape to expose your finished product.


    Archivability of 65 years or more.
    Sublimation is used to infuse dyes beneath the outer layer. It’s more durable than conventional paper and canvas imagery since it can’t be scratched or scraped off the surface.
    The recycled metal is lightweight and easy to hang, despite being incredibly robust and sturdy. The weight of a 40×60″ panel with an aluminum float backing is around 13 pounds.
    Aluminum that has been sublimated can withstand extreme heat. Artwork hung in specified corporate and public environments that must meet today’s fire-rated regulations is required to get this certification.

Best Aluminum sheet for Sublimation you can consider.

For your additional convenience, we have listed some of the best aluminum sheets for sublimation so that you won’t have to sit for hours and surf the net.

Invento Aluminium Alloy Plate/Sheet (250x250x5mm, 5mm ) for DIY Projects. The link is given below:


Aviation Metal & Alloys Pure Aluminum Sheet Plate 200mm x 200mm x 3mm thick. The link is given below:


Forney 49276 16 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Metal, 12″ x 24″.The link is given below:


Invento 1pcs Al Aluminium Alloy 5mm Plate/Sheet- 300x300x5mm – for DIY Projects. The link is given below:


White Dye Sublimation Blank Aluminum Board Heat Transfer Steel Sheet Engraved 10 X 15 cm 4”x6”. The link is given below:


(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can you sublimate on aluminum?

A.Sublimation is possible on aluminum, hardboard, MDF, glass, and fiberboard. As long as the materials are covered with a polyester layer, sublimation may be employed on them. In addition to aluminum, we sublimate on MDF, hardboard, fiberboard, and glass. Sublimation is an excellent method for using these materials.

Q.How long do you heat press aluminum?

A.The length of time the substrate is pressed depends on the metal, however, it is usually 90-120 seconds for aluminum. This allows the inks to permeate the aluminum surface more thoroughly, extending their life.

Q.At what temperature does aluminum sublimate?

A.375-400° Fahrenheit.


We’ll wrap things up with a brief overview now that you know how to generate high-definition dye sublimation prints on aluminum blanks. A heat press and a sublimation printer will be the first items purchased. Even if you need to put money aside for this large purchase, there’s no reason you can’t start creating right now. Given your start, best of luck.

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